Below you will find a curated list of resources I have found useful in my endevours designing and developing web applications.

💻 Blogs

  • Flavio Copes - seemingly endless articles on a wide variety of technical subjects. Most articles are related to web development.
  • 7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design - a great list of tips to keep in mind when doing web design. They do a fantastic job explaining the concepts, and the article is written to help developers who may struggle with design.
  • UX Collective - curated stories on UX, usability, and design.

💾 GitHub repositories

  • freeCodeCamp - freeCodeCamp has a repository that’s home to their open source codebase and curriculum.
  • - a list of software products which have free tiers for developers.
  • Free programming books - a list of free programming books, with many available languages.
  • Awesome podcasts - a list of podcasts, most of which are development related.
  • Marketing for Engineers - a curated list of marketing resources for developers.

🌈 Colors

  • Coolors - generate and browse color palletes.
  • ColorHunt - curated color pallettes, great for inspiration.
  • Colors and Fonts - color and typography tools for web developers and digital designers.

👥 Communities

  • IndieHackers - a great community focused on helping people build and run internet businesses. This site has an entreprenuerial leaning, but most of the members seem to be developers.
  • Hacker News - Y Combinator’s news site. There is lots of interesting content here daily.
  • - is a community of software developers helping each other.

💡 Inspiration

📺 YouTube Channels (less web focused)

  • ThinMatrix - a great devlog from ThinMatrix, the solo developer of Equillinox. He showed his journey developing, and successfully releasing the game. He’s now working on a new project, a city building game. His uploads are infrequent but they are always high quality and entertaining.
  • Bisqwit - very technical, but also very interesting videos.
  • Brackeys - the king of Unity Engine tutorials.

🧰 No code tools (not free)

  • Carrd - visual builder for one-page sites. Comes with some great templates. This is my go-to for getting a landing page up and running quickly.
  • Webflow - build custom websites using a visual canvas. Webflow allows more freedom, and more functionality-rich sites than Carrd, but it has a steeper learning curve.

🔨 Dev Tools

  • Trello - card-based project tracking.
  • Upvoty - a tool to get feedback on project development roadmaps through user voting. I briefly used this when developing Discord Bot Studio and found it had everything I needed at a fairly low price point.
  • GitBook - my go-to choice for creating product documentation. They have a free plan which even allows using a custom domain.
  • Visual Studio Code - this one won’t be new to most people, but it’s too good to leave off the list. Free, open source IDE with great extension support.
  • Postman - GUI for testing and developing APIs.
  • Hugo - static site generator. Hugo claims to be the fastest framework for building websites. I can’t verify if that’s totally true or not, but I’ve been impressed. This site is made with Hugo; I wrote about that here.